What is food?  
  What happens to the food we eat?  
Our nutrient needs  
  Energy balance  
  Nutritional status  
  Laws & labels
  Additives & colours  
  Toxicity in food  
  Processing food  
  Stability of food nutrients  
  Storage life of foods  
  Food- associated health problems  

- Food Law -

The laws about food, food labelling and additives permitted in food vary from country to country. They are also frequently modified, added to or deleted. Doubtless there will be changes that will alter some of the statements made here about food law. Nevertheless, we feel that interested consumers should know about some of the more important current laws relating to food.

People who wish to keep up to date with changes in food legislation should, in Australia, contact their State Department of Health; in the U.S.A., the Food and Drug Administration; and in the U.K., the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


Food Facts
Food Law
- Labelling and the law
- Ingredent labelling
- Nutrition labelling
- Date-marking of food
- What do the different forms of date-marking mean?
- Special purpose foods
22: Infomation on a food label
23: Low-joule foods (low energy)
24: Carbohydrate- modified foods
25: Foods containing no added sugar