What is food?  
  What happens to the food we eat?  
Our nutrient needs  
  Energy balance  
  Nutritional status  
  Laws & labels  
  Additives & colours  
  Toxicity in food  
  Processing food  
  Stability of food nutrients  
  Storage life of foods  
  Food- associated health problems  

- Introduction -


Food has many functions, not the least of them social. There is no good reason why healthy eating should not be enjoyable.

While books about diet and food fads abound in Britain, the United States and Australia, it is still difficult for the individual to find the basic facts about food that will enable a person to plan and follow a healthful diet geared to particular needs.

The purpose of this book is to provide such information. It answers many questions that arise every day, such as 'are there any vitamins in the frozen peas I'm eating?'. It is also designed to help readers understand the principles of good nutrition for themselves and their families. They can then plan, in an informed and intelligent way, their food intake under different circumstances.

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Food Facts
Why you need this book
- Why nutrition is important
- The optimal way of eating