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- Processing Food -


The major nutrient losses that occur in frozen foods are not due to freezing as such but due to the blanching that occurs before freezing, and then during subsequent thawing and cooking. In general, these losses are not greatly different from those incurred following purchase of 'market fresh' food and cooking it. The quality of some frozen fruits and vegetables is often superior to so-called 'fresh' produce, as they can be frozen very soon after being harvested.

It is important that frozen foods are stored at -18"C to prevent their rapid deterioration (see 'The Storage Life of Frozen Foods'). If this temperature is not maintained then some nutrient losses will occur, which are not regained by refreezing.



Food Facts
- Processing can affect food nutrient content
- Use of fertilizers
- Milling
- Controlled atm. storage
- Cutting, triming, etc
- Blanching
- Cooking
- Dehydration
- Canning
- Pasteurization
- Toasting
- Sprouting
31: How to minimize nutrient losses during cooking