What is food?  
  What happens to the food we eat?  
Our nutrient needs  
  Energy balance  
  Nutritional status  
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  Additives & colours  
  Toxicity in food  
  Processing food
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- Processing Food -


Blanching is the heating of fruit or vegetables for a short time with either steam or water, and is an essential step before canning, drying or freezing of food.

This heating process is not meant to cook the food but to inactivate substances that would otherwise adversely affect the nutrient content, colour, flavour or texture during subsequent processing and storage.

Varying amounts of nutrients are lost in this process, in particular the water-soluble vitamins B-l, B-2, C, niacin and folacin.



Food Facts
- Processing can affect food nutrient content
- Use of fertilizers
- Milling
- Controlled atm. storage
- Cutting, triming, etc
- Cooking
- Freezing
- Dehydration
- Canning
- Pasteurization
- Toasting
- Sprouting
31: How to minimize nutrient losses during cooking