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Visionary Voyager is based in Melbourne, Australia and creates, produces and publishes electronic on-line books and courses for the academic and medical professions as well as specialist graphic design, programming, multimedia and web productions for business, government and others.

David Mutch, CEO of Visionary Voyager, holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University. He has been professionally involved with computer systems since 1973 (Burrough's mainframes), has used the Internet since 1985, the WWW since its inception, and the graphic/digital arts since an early age. He is the author of many scientific publications, and undertaken research in the fields of virology, immunolgy, parisitology, nephrology, cardiovascular hypertension, large scale synthetic peptide libraries and HIV1 T-cell recogition. He has lectured in graphic design and computer graphics at the Department of Graphic Design, Monash University and produces specialist graphics and designs for several magazines and interest groups. These accumulated abilities provide a unique and valued resource to academic and medical clients when creating and producing specialist electronic publications and mutlimedia productions.

Food Questions and Answers on-line bookThis is the second on-line book from Mark Wahlqvist and David Briggs to be published by Visionary Voyager. The on-line Book ' FOOD - Questions and Answers' can be found at the URL: .


About this on-line publication:
Images: Some of the images used in this work are modifications of those from the original book. These were scanned, recoloured and optimized for digital/on-line reproduction. Images from the original book were either inspired, designed, created or photographed by Helen Semmler, Bill Farr, Kim Roberts,Jackie Yowell, and Alex Bauer. We thank them for their original inspirations and contributions. Some of the images appearing in this work were acquired and modified from various royalty-free or prepaid image libraries and collections from International Microcomputer Software Inc. (IMSI), Corel Corporation and Nodtronics Pty Ltd (Eureka). All other images were prepared from photographs using a Canon A5 Powershot digital camera using original subject materials. Corel PhotoPaint version 8 was used to edit and optimize all images used in this work.

Software: The following multimedia and web site creation software were used to create this work:
NetObjects Fusion version 3.01, Macromedia Dreamweaver version 1.2, Homesite version 3.1, Adaptec Easy CD Pro, SFS Software's DocFather Search Engine Applet Edition 2.2, and others. Much of the Javascript programming used in this work is custom written and is copyright 1998, Visionary Voyager. All other programming is copyright as per individual embedded notices and used either under licence or by permission. We thank all involved for their repective contributions.

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