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Professor Mark L. Wahlqvist   

Professor Mark Wahlqvist has had a combined career in internal medicine and human nutrition with chairs in both these fields over the last 2 decades.

He held the first chair in Human Nutrition in Australia, at Deakin University for 9 years and was Head of Medicine at Monash University at the Monash Medical Centre for 12 years.

He is now Professor of Medicine, Associate Dean for International Health & Development, Chair of the Asia Pacific Health & Nutrition Centre of the Monash Asia Institute and Chair of the Food and Agriculture Organization Centre of Excellence at Monash University.

Amongst other national and international roles, he has chaired the International Union of Nutrition Sciences Committee on Nutrition and Ageing since 1986, the Australian Nutrition Foundation since 1995, the WHO Western Pacific Dietary Guidelines Committee since 1996, has been a member of the Nutrition Advisory Panel of the World Health Organization since 1988, has been President-Elect of International Union of Nutritional Sciences since 1997, has been a Board member of the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority since 1996, and is also Chairman of the Victorian Food Safety Council. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition and his Textbook "Food and Nutrition: Australia, Asia and the Pacific" was launched in 1997, a successor to earlier edition from 1981. His publications amount to almost 1000, including over 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 17 books. He has played a major role in national and international nutrition science, education and policy. His interests in migration studies have been recognized by the 1994 Award of Sweden's Charlotta Medal.





Personal details

Date of Birth : 5th February 1942

Marital Status : Married, with two children

Citizenship : Australian

Professional appointments

- Foundation Professor of Human Nutrition, Deakin University (1978-1987)

- Consultant Physician in Endocrinology & Diabetes; Consultant General Physician;

Director, Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism Unit, Prince Henry's Hospital, Melbourne and subsequently Monash Medical Centre. First appointed to Prince Henry's Hospital in 1976.

- Consultant Physician, Geelong Hospital (1978-1987)

- Consultant Physician, Bethlehem Hospital, Melbourne (from 1982)

  • Professor and Head of Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne (1987-1998)
  • Professor of Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne (1987-)

- Chairman, Division of Medicine, Prince Henry's Hospital (1987-1991) and Monash Medical Centre (1987-1994), Melbourne

- Director of Professorial General Medical Unit, Prince Henry's Hospital (1987-1991) and Monash Medical Centre (1987-1996)

  • Foundation Editor-in-chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1992-)
  • Associate Dean, International Health and Development, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University (1999-)
  • Chair, Asia Pacific Health and Nutrition Centre, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1999-)
  • Chair, FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of UN) Centre of Execellence, Monash University (1999-)

Committees (other than Hospital & University)

*- Member, Nutrition Committee, Australian Academy of Sciences (1979-1985) and (1987-)

- Chairman, Australian Joint Committee on Nutrition & Diabetes (1979-1987)

- Member, Victorian State Committee of Royal Australasian College of Physicians (1979-1988)

- Member, Diet & Heart Disease Committee, National Heart Foundation of Australia (from 1981-1987)

- Chairman, International Union of Nutrition Sciences' Committee on Medical Schools V/1 (1982-1985)

- Chairman, Dietitians Board of Victoria (1982-1987)

- Member, WHO Working Party on Geriatric Nutrition (1984)

- Chairman, Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee for "Food and Nutrition Policy Project", Victoria, Australia (from 1984-1988)

- Chairman, Australian Nutrition Foundation (Victorian Division) (1984-1985)

- Member, Diet and Cancer Committee, Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria (1984-1986)

- RACP representative, Advisory Board, Geelong & District Hospital (1986-1988)

*- Chairman, International Union of Nutrition Sciences' Committee on Geriatric Nutrition IV/9 (from 1986)

- Chairman, Implementation Committee, Victorian Food & Nutrition Policy Project (1988)

*- Member, Nutrition Advisory Committee, World Health Organisation (from 1988)

- Chairman, Green Spot Advisory Panel, Victoria Government (1989-1990)

*- Member, Australian Society for the Study of Obesity Council (from 1991-1995)

*- Member, National Food & Nutrition Monitory and Surveillance Committee of National Health & Medical Research Centre (1991-)

*- Secretary, Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society (from 1992)

*- President, Australian Atherosclerosis Society (1992-1993)

*- Member, Victorian Case-mix Committee, Department of Health of Victoria (1992-1993)

*- Councillor, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) (from 1993)

*- Trustee, Australian Nutrition Trust, a philanthropic trust dedicated to nutrition research endeavour (from 1993)

*- President, Australasian Clinical Nutrition Society (from 1987-1993) & Secretary (from 1994)

*- Chairman, Australian Weight Management Industry Code of Practice Committee (1994-1996)

- Chairman, Australian Weight Management Industry Review Committee (1994-1995)

*- Member, WHO Working Party on Food Based Dietary Guidelines (1994)

*- Chairman, IUNS Task Force of Nutrition Informatics (1995-)

*- National Chairman, Australian Nutrition Foundation (1995-)

*- Chairman, International Union of Nutrition Sciences Task Force on Informatics (1995-)

*- Chairman, Australian Society for the Study of Obesity Education Committee (1995-)

*- Board Director, Australian & New Zealand Food Authority (1996-)

* Chairman, WHO Working Party on Dietary Guidelines for Western Pacific (1996-)

*- Chairman, Goals and Targets Committee for Implementation of Victoria’s Food & Nutrition Policy (1996)

*- Chairman, Weight Loss Management Code of Practice Council (1997-)

*- President-Elect, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (1997-)

*- Chairman, Food Safety Council of Victoria (1997-)

* Current

Editorial Roles

1. Member, Editorial Board, 'Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia' (1979-1987) .

2. Member, Editorial Board 'Clinical Physiology' . Journal of the Scandinavian Society for Clinical Physiology (1979-).

3. Member, Honorary Editorial Board, 'Current Therapeutics' (1982-) .

4. Member, Honorary Editorial Board, 'Patient Management' (1982-1993).

5. Consulting Editor, 'Heinzsight' Nutrition Newsletter (1983-1996).

6. Consulting Editor, 'Nutrition Research'. (1984-).

7. Correspondent, 'Comments on Nutrition' (1989-1990).

8. Member, Editorial Board 'International Journal of Obesity' (1990-1993).

9. Consulting Editor, 'Prospects and Perspectives in Human Nutrition' (1990).

10. Contributing Editorship, 'Nutrition Reviews' (1989-).

11. Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1992-)

12. Member, Editorial Advisory Board, General Practitioner (1993)

13. Member, Editorial Board ‘Journal of the International Society of Pediatric Nutrition’ (1996-)

14. Member, International Advisory Board ‘China National Journal of New Gastroenterology’(1996-)

Qualifications and Fellowships

Bachelor of Medical Science, Adelaide University (1962)

MB,BS, Adelaide University (1966)

MD, Adelaide University (1970)

MD, Uppsala University (1972)

MRACP (Member, Royal Australasian College of Physicians) (1975)

FRACP (Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians) (1978)

FAIFST, (Fellow, Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology) (1982)

FACN, (Fellow of American College of Nutrition) (1988)

FAFPHM (Fellow of Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine) (1991)

Scientific papers

Over 300 papers published in scientific journals on food, nutrition and metabolic problems.


1. Food & Nutrition in Australia. Ed. M.L. Wahlqvist, Methuen, Sydney, 1981 (3rd edition, Thomas Nelson, 1988)

2. Use and Abuse of Vitamins. M.L. Wahlqvist & S.S. Huang, Sun Books, Melbourne, 1983 (2nd edition, 1987, with A. Worsley)

3. Food Facts. D. Briggs & M. Wahlqvist. Penguin Books, Melbourne, 1984 (2nd edition, 1988; Reprinted 1993)

4. Australian Kitchen Nutrition. M. Wahlqvist & L. Collins. MacMillan, Melbourne, 1984.

5. Eating Matters. D. Briggs & M. Wahlqvist. Haynes-Methuen, Melbourne, 1985.

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7. Patient Problems in Clinical Nutrition: A Manual. M. Wahlqvist & J. Vobecky. John Libbey & Co Ltd, London, 1987.

8. Food & Health: Issues and Directions. M.L. Wahlqvist, R.W.F. King, J.J. McNeil & R. Sewell, John Libbey & Co Ltd, London, 1987.

9. Current Problems in Nutrition Pharmacology & Toxicology. Allan J. McLean & Mark L. Wahlqvist, John Libbey & Co Ltd, London, 1988.

10. Food Habits in Australia. A.S. Truswell & M. Wahlqvist, Rene Gordon Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1988.

11. Responsibility for Nutrition Diagnosis: A report by the nutrition working party of the Social Issues Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Michael Gracey, Basil Hetzel, Richard Smallwood, Boyd Strauss, Cliff Tasman-Jones and Mark Wahlqvist (Chair), Smith-Gordon & Co Ltd, 1989.

12. Food: Questions and Answers. M.L. Wahlqvist and D. Briggs. Penguin Books, Melbourne, 1991.

13. Patient Problems in Clinical Nutrition: A Manual (Chinese Edition). M.L. Wahlqvist and J.S. Vobecky, People's Surgeon Publishing House, Beijing, 1991.

14. Preventive Nutrition in Medical Practice. M.L. Wahlqvist & J.S. Vobecky. Smith-Gordon & Co Ltd, London, 1994.

15. Exercise and Obesity. Andrew Hills and Mark L. Wahlqvist. Smith-Gordon & Co Ltd, London, 1994.

16. Nutrition in a sustainable environment. Mark L. Wahlqvist, A. Stewart Truswell, Richard Smith, Paul J. Nestel. Smith-Gordon & Co Ltd, London, 1994.

17. Food and Nutrition: Australasia, Asia and Pacific. Mark L. Wahlqvist. Allen and Unwin, 1997.

Extra-professional Activities

• Music

• farming

• As a member of the Emigrants Research Institute, Växjö, Sweden, involvement in migrant


• Chairman, Board of Bharatam Dance Company (1989-1991)

• International Relations


Charlotta Medal, Sweden, 1994