PhD Dissertations

We would like to offer you the opportunity to have your PhD thesis on nutrition or healthy eating published online.

After submission, PhD's often sit on a shelf in the corner of the Univerity library and rarely get looked at. We aim to expose your PhD to the world!! This service is ideal for students currently completing their PhD, or for researchers and students interested in a particular topic.

We have set up example PhD, which was written by one of our editors in 1994, to demonstrate the possible presentation of PhD dissertations on our site. Please take a look

Conditions of publication

We will accept PhD's from 1993 onwards that have already been accepted for the degree by your university.

On submission, PhD's must be in Word (no earlier than Word 95) or PDF format.

You must obtain an ISBN for a web-version of your thesis even if you already have an ISBN for the hard copy. You can apply for a web ISBN here.

Published authors will receive a 10% royalty for every PhD sold.

If you would like to have your PhD published or have any further queries, please contact us.