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Children & Infants

Food preferences of children aged 6-13

Rainbow food


Colic & food allergies

Diet & Asthma

Healthy Eating for Infants (resource created by Golden Circle)

Healthy Eating for Children age 4-11: HEC pyramid

Healthy Eating for Children aged 4-11: Australian Core Food Groups

12345+ Food Pyramid - recommended food intakes for varying energy intakes

Iron defiency in infants

Obesity prevalence

Reducing Obesity


Better Health Channel Fact sheets
- Breakfast
- Breastfeeding - a healthy diet is vital
- Food requirements during different life stages
- Pregnancy and diet
- Vitamin K and new born babies



The Healthy Eating Club is the nutrition content provider for the Victorian Government Health website
"Better Health Channel" (BHC) in Australia. The BHC produce Fact Sheets with our help for the general public. They have kindly given us permission to link these articles to our website. The relevant BHC fact sheets are linked under each heading as well as under one heading at the bottom of the "Food & Nutrition Information" index page.