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Body weight, body image, body shape

Special Issue in APJCN vol 15 (Suppl) on Weight management: evidence and cost

Low GI high carbohydrate diets

Low carb diets: ketogenic versus non-ketogenic

High Protein Low carbohydrate diets for weight loss

CSIRO total wellbeing diet

Which weight loss diet works best? 4 popular diets compared

Weight loss tips

Fatness versus Fitness

Weight loss - misconceptions updated

Weight loss - background

Body shape preferences of children

Meal replacements - do they work?

Does the fashion industry need to change garment sizing

Are some fats more 'fattening' than other fats?

Body Mass Index

Energy density and weight loss

Fat virus

Food restriction and weight loss.

Portion size of food (food serving size) and obesity

Stress and the Pot Belly

Weight gain

Weight cycling

Weight loss using the 12345+ food and nutrition plan

Xenical - the new wonder drug?

New Obesity Library topic on the ABC website

Better Health ChannelFact sheets
- Metabolism explained
- Weight loss - common misconceptions
- Weight loss needs a healthy approach



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