HEC Nutrition Course - online modules

The HEC website is the only website currently offering on-line reputable course modules for the general public in nutrition. Through our experienced academic lecturers and teachers such as Professor Mark Wahlqvist and Dr Antigone Kouris-Blazos, club members will have access to interactive course modules which will help them understand the principles of good nutrition, healthy eating and wellness.

Who are the on-line course modules suitable for?

Our course modules are suitable for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge about food, nutrition and healthy eating. Whether you are a chef, a fitness instructor, a carer (childcare, elderly), or simply someone with an interest in food and nutrition, our modules will provide both theory and practial application of the information contained in the modules.

Who developed the modules and how difficult are they?

The HEC team consists of academics who have taught nutrition to medical students and dietetics students at Australian Universities for over 15 years. They also have experience in teaching medical students remotely via the internet. They have distilled this experience and knowledge into the modules. Each module therefore contains expert and authoritative information and practical advice about healthy eating through the use of slide shows, audio, online surveys, quizzes and plain text for those of you who prefer to print the information off to read at another time. The key points (take home messages) are summarised on slides and the material is presented in a simple to understand format.

Can I get a 'certificate' when I finish the modules?

The on-line course modules can be completed individually and when you complete 5 modules you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Healthy Eating signed by our Editor in Chief, Professor Mark Wahlqvist, as well as our Managing Editor, Dr. Antigone Kouris-Blazos.
Please note
that this course will not provide a formal qualification in nutrition and it does not qualify you to give dietary advice, but you will be able to use it as evidence that you have some 'formal' knowledge in Healthy Eating.

View the on-line modules on offer

. What's in food and why 'food variety'
. Healthy Eating Tips (subscribers get this module for FREE)
. Body Image
. Understanding Food Labels
. Physical activity for fat loss and strength (includes video)

How much does it cost?

5 modules can be completed individually at your leisure or can be purchased as a package for a discounted price. Prices are based on the estimated time it will take you to complete each module.
It actually works out cheaper to become a Megabyte member if you wish to complete 5 modules ($Aus195).
If you become a Subscriber you get all the course modules at a discounted price.
Free registered users (non-subscribers) can enrol into individual modules at
non-subscriber prices (this is a more expensive way to complete the modules).


If you are interested in completing one or more modules please fill out the form provided and you will recieve a confirmation email with your username and password to access the module and associated materials online.
Before commencing any of the modules, please read our instructions of how to best use them.


Last Updated: October 2004