Physical activity for Fat loss and Strength module & video

This module commences by assessing your physical activity level on-line.

When you purchase this module you will also receive a free copy of a video
by Dr Gayle Savige and Professor Mark Wahqlvist. The video demonstrates simple exercises for increasing muscle strength and mass, especially for senior citizens. Muscle strength is not only important for fat loss, but also for improving insulin sensitivity (important for people prone to diabetes) and balance in the aged (can help prevent falls).

This module is therefore essential reading and viewing for anyone who is interested in their health and well-being, and especially for people working in the weight loss industry, or for people working as carers. The module is assessed with on-line true/false questions and multiple choice questions.


The total amount of energy your body uses daily depends on a number of factors
Can you be over-fat and healthy?
Physical activity for fat loss
Physical activity pyramid
National physical activity guidelines for Australians
Some more key points for fat loss with physical activity
Test your understanding
Physical activity and ageing
Physical activity and ageing
Resistance and strength training: benefits, especially for the aged.
Test your understanding
Strength, flexibility and resistance exercises


To understand the difference between physical activity for fat loss versus physical activity for fitness.


last updated: May 2002


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