Food Labels Module

More and more people are relying on foods out of packets or from fast food outlets for their meals due to the 'time famine' they are experiencing. If your meals are not cooked or prepared from scratch then you are not in control of the ingredients.

Food labels can help you feel more in control of what you are eating if you understand how to read them. To help consumers understand food labels, the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Council changed the food laws in December 2000 under the Food Standards Code. This module will bring you up to speed with all the changes you can expect to see on food labels by the end of 2002 (there is a 2 year phase in period for these changes to take effect to allow manufacturers to change over to the new standards).

It will help you understand misleading 'nutrient claims' which are usually splashed across the front of the product, the nutrition information panel which is usually on the back of the product and the ingredient listing. It will also address labelling issues related to food additives, functional foods, health claims, pick the tick logo and genetically modified foods and ingredients.

This module is therefore essential reading for anyone who is interested in their health and well-being, and especially for people who rely on packaged foods for most of their meals. The module is assessed with on-line true/false questions and multiple choice questions.


To understand "Nutrient Claims" on Food Labels
Outline examples of misleading "Nutrient Claims" on food labels
To understand what is a "Nutrition Information Panel" on Food Labels and how to read them.
To understand ingredient listing on food labels, especially if the product does not have a Nutrition Information Panel.
To understand the labelling of food additives
To understand the strengths and weaknesses of functional foods, health claims and the National Heart Foundation 'pick the tick' logo
To highlight new food labelling laws for genetically modified foods and ingredients



Last updated May 2002


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